Surface 3 Is A Great Product But Will Appeal To Very Few


Truth be told, the new Surface 3 (not to be confused with the Surface Pro 3) should be the ultimate winner in the netbook category; a category of notebooks originally made popular by Asus for those who do not need heavy duty software applications like Adobe Premiere or AutoCAD.

It is also the only true alternative to the iPad for those who want a tablet but with the ability to use regular desktop apps and the freedom to install the applications they like.

So if the Surface 3 is the coolest computing device available today for surfing the web, downloading stuff, attaching documents, arranging files in folders, and for using Word, Excel and basic photo editing, then where is the problem you may ask?

Well, the challenge is the product positioning given the audience they are targeting.

Think about it, who are the people who will buy a Surface 3?

The ones who can afford it would prefer a powerful notebook for the occasional heavy duty use and they will also buy an iPad as a complimentary device for content consumption. All said and done, the apps available on the App Store are light years ahead of those available in the Windows Store – not just in quantity, but also quality.

That leaves those who are short on budget. And a big chunk of this market does not have enough product knowledge. They just might end up thinking of the Surface 3 as an elite product as it sounds similar to Surface Pro 3, an ultra high-end product. They have the option of buying a Chromebook or a cheap netbook in the US$ 150-300 price range. And if they do have US$499, which is the starting price of a Surface 3, there is enough temptations from the likes of Lenovo and their ilk to choose i3 powered notebooks over cool “tablets”.

Having cancelled out the majority of the computer users on the planet, the only ones left, I reckon, are the ones who will receive the Surface 3 as gifts. It could be a young adult buying it for his aging parents so that they can send receive emails, download photos, and stay in touch via Skype. Or it could be young student who receives it as a gift from her parents as they don’t want to splurge on two devices over and above a smartphone.

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