Emirates ad feat. Jennifer Aniston is so good, you will watch it again


Following in the footsteps of Etihad airlines, which has Nicole Kidman as its brand ambassador, is Emirates airlines. Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, recently tied up with Jennifer Aniston as its brand ambassador and has just released a new advert you cannot miss.

While both the Etihad and Emirates adverts featuring Hollywood actresses are heavily focused on top of the line first class amenities, what sets the Jennifer Aniston advert apart is the fact that it looks like a fun scene from a movie. It is so well conceptualised, written, edited and presented, you will want to watch the ad again.

Rather than take the approach of selling its amenities in a traditional luxury advertising format, what Emirates airlines had inadvertently created is a movie trailer. It beckons you to yearn for an experience on board their A380 first class suite just like a good movie trailer draws you to the cinemas. After watching the ad you will want to try their shower spa and have drink at their lounge bar.

The best part is the last sentence where Jennifer Aniston says something implying that she does not want the flight to land any time soon. Having personally experienced the Emirates A380 first class just a couple of months back, it’s funny I had that exact same thought.


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