Ashbury & Asbury is right about NY Times campaign


Agency Asbury & Asbury recently posted a blog where they reworked The New York Times advertising campaign created by Droga5. Their explanation for suggesting a different direction was: this is a public interest project (supporting a free press against Trump), so there’s more at stake than with most projects. They made it clear they respect Droga5.

I agree with Asbury & Asbury about their suggested strategy in general and have further tweaked the campaign they wrote. Click the below link to read the article before reading my version.

If you’ve read the article in the above link, here’s my edited version of the good work done by them:

You do not have to believe The New York Times.

You do not have to believe the President either. Or CNN. Or Fox.

Or the information you receive through social media and your angry uncle.

We know you will make up your own mind about the truth.

This is why we will continue to do what we do best.

      * Provide verifiable facts and investigative reporting.

      * Be a voice for the loud, the silent, and the silenced.

      * And keep publishing relevant news, regardless of who it angers.

Tell us your truth. We will let the world know it.

The New York Times.

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